~Why do we love helping women of color become the best versions of themselves? ~

Lead, Learn, Love!”

So, they will know and understand their authentic selves, beautiful, educated, intelligent, women of color. Knowing who they are as they step into the leadership arena with boldness and confidence equipped for leadership. Letting them know that they can lead well with creativity, ideas, passion and vision, their vision to “Lead.”

Women of color lead differently, and that being different isn’t bad, “we are an asset, not a threat” when it comes to leadership. To be continually “learning” discovering that leadership is a process. To become skilled, gaining knowledge, through leadership training. And that learning about leadership they can show up as their fullest selves, and their authenticity of leadership will be irresistible!

Women of color’s uniqueness should be celebrated in their fullest version, in all spaces. Far too many times we’ve had to be smaller versions of ourselves in spaces that were not designed for us. “Learning,” that we deserve a place at the table, even the head table, because we have come equipped to lead.

Why? Because I “Love” giving back to community through connections, conversations and having a good cup of coffee! As a woman of color, I only had my mother and aunts pour into me. Sitting at the table having conversations of what it was like being a woman of color and having coffee with my mother was a blessing. Sharing the hardships of what it was like as a woman of color, is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. But growing up in school, I didn’t have any women of color to advocate for me or mentor me along the way. I had no one to show me that I was capable of leading, learning, and loving leadership. It wasn’t until later on in life, did I find women of color who took me under their wings to advocate for me, mentor me, and they were truly the wind beneath my “wings” to help me fly and soar into leadership. My love for women of color is to help them be the best versions of themselves in leadership I want to be the “wings,” for women of color to help them soar into leadership!

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