Hello Coffee Family & Coffee Lovers!


Hello Coffee Family & Coffee Lovers!


I know that it’s been a minute since I’ve done a blog on the coffee business.  As I prepare to relaunch from my job of 28 years, I’m excited that I will have time to go after one of my passions and that is my coffee business.  I’ve got so many ideas, and I know that it will take patience to make progress.  I want to thank you for your love, prayer and support of my business.  I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the coffee business.

April is such a beautiful month with the season of spring in the air, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and life is good despite all that we go through.

First, I want to thank my subscribers for their support, I really appreciate it.  So, I want to thank: Lauren Taylor, Patrick Lordan, Rhonda Bowens, Sierra Ross, Elizabeth Hosie, Thomas Wilkins-Luton II, Bernadette McClinon, Olynda Stone, Carol land-McVicker, Karen Giddings, and Monee Hamm.  You all have kept Mama Beans on Holy Grounds afloat.  Thank you to those who are not subscribers, but who continue to order our online coffee. Did you know that we are now 2 years old!  Yea!

Great News:

Our online coffee has been successfully added to Restaurants 10, the ultimate worldwide online directory celebrating the vibrant world of dining and gastronomic delights.   Restaurants 10 serves as a comprehensive platform designed to connect food lovers with extraordinary establishments, and Mama Beans on Holy Grounds was listed.

This year we are adding 2 new additional coffees to our website, and we are working on 2 new coffee mugs, and t-shirts as well. 

Moving forward

As I relaunch into a new season of my life, one of my dreams is to get Mama Beans on Holy Grounds into local restaurants, and possibly some local stores.  I am excited because I will have more time to work on the marketing end of the business and to launch out further online globally.  My other dream is to have a Mama Beans on Holy Grounds “Coffee Truck!”  We are working on a grant now, and if it’s to be, it will happen.  Keep me in your prayers.

Changing Lanes:

As you know the money that comes from our sales helped our Brown Girls Magic Leadership at Whitworth University.  I have been so honored to have a conference for these amazing young women, and as I leave the university, my heart is a little sad, because helping women is my passion.  So, as I leave the university, I am changing lanes in the name from Brown Girls Magic to SHE-BREWS TO LEAD TOO! My mission is to still help women in leadership, and to support them in their dreams of leadership.

Mama Beans on Holy Grounds will continue to support women from underrepresented communities, as well as help young women in local schools throughout our community who have a love for leadership.


Keeping you in the loop!

As we move forward, know that I am determined to keep you in the loop about our online coffee business.  I know that God has great things for us, and we are looking forward to keeping you abreast of what’s going on with us.

Again, thank you so very much, and know our coffee is coffee with a purpose, and we are determined to “serve” heavenly coffee to all our customers!


Sending love, hugs, & coffee in a mug!

Mama Beans




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