Welcome to May!


Welcome to May!

We are so excited about this month.  We are introducing our new French Roast Coffee, and it taste amazing!  For you dark roast coffee lovers this coffee is just for you.Each month we have the privilege of showcasing one of our customers who truly is a supporter of Mama Beans On Holy Grounds. Here is what Jennette Perkins says about Mama Beans Coffee:

I am not what one would call a coffee drinker. I will usually have one cup in the morning. But, when I have that one cup in the morning, I have Mama Beans coffee. Talk about soothing and satisfying! The coffee has a rich robust flavor and a subtle pick me up… which I need and love. Yes, Mama Beans coffee! I love it! What is one of the best parts of God waking me up? Mama Beans in my cup!

We want to thank Jennette for being a faithful supporter of Mama Beans Coffee, and she is truly a blessing to us.  Thanks, Jennette!

Update on the Coffee Shop

Well I was able to meet with the team regarding the building of Mama Beans Coffee Shop at the Carl Maxey Center.  The coffee shop will be phase three of the projects at the Carl Maxey Center.  We are excited, and they are working on phase two at the moment.  So we are probably looking at the beginning stages of the coffee shop in 1 to 2 years.  You know they say "Rome wasn't built in a day!"  I have patience and if it is of God, it will manifest.  In the meantime I will continue building the coffee business online. Please keep us in your prayers.

New Products Coming Soon!

Over the next several months I will be designing some new products to showcase and I am excited.  We are looking at designing caps, t-shirts, journals, and even purses and handbags!  God has given me the gift of writing words of encouragement, so I want to put some of those words our products.

Coffee Trivia!

Did you know? Coffee has been around since 800 A.D. According to legend, 9th-century goat herders discovered how caffeine affected their goats, who looked like they were "dancing" (probably high on caffeine) after eating the Coffea plant's fruit. After that discovery, the cup of coffee as we know it was born when a local monk made a drink with the product and discovered that it kept him awake all night.

Did you know? Technically, coffee beans are seeds. They're the pits of the cherry-like berries found on flowering shrubs, but because of their resemblance to legumes, we name them "beans." So, technically coffee beans are seeds.

Last but not least did you know? Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer.  According to the international Coffee Organization, Brazil now produces about a third of the coffee supply, roughly twice as much as the runner-up, Vietnam.  So, there you have it our trivia for the month.  Stay tuned for more interesting coffee trivia.

Remember...Our Coffee is Coffee with a Purpose!

We want to thank you once again for being a faithful subscriber.  We thank you for your love, prayers and support of Mama Beans Coffee.  Our coffee is coffee with a purpose: 1. It supports our global bean farmers, 2. It supports our local coffee roaster "Indaba." 3. It supports Brown Girls Magic Mentoring and Leadership Program.

We look forward to many wonderful things happening with Mama Beans On Holy Grounds Coffee, so stay tuned.


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