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Welcome to our August edition of our news blog

I've been on my Sabbatical Beautiful for almost 3 months.  During this time I've been refreshed, renewed, and restored.  As I immerse myself back into this busy life, I am so excited about Mama Beans On Holy Grounds Online Coffee.  As I've said before our coffee is coffee with a purpose: It supports our global coffee farmers, it supports our local coffee roaster "Indaba," and finally it supports our Brown Girls Magic Mentoring & Leadership Group. This picture says it all...these wonderful young women are part of BGM!  They are amazing young women and leaders in our community and they will make an impact in our community and in our world. I've always had a heart for leadership and these young women have allowed me to mentor them and be a part of their amazing journey.  This year was hard because several of them have graduated, but I know, that there are more young women who will be a part of BGM.  I am excited to see what this next year will bring for BGM.

A Word of Thanks!

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of our subscribers and supporters of Mama Beans On Holy Grounds Online Coffee.  Without you we could not move forward into our dream of not only having our online coffee, but to in the near future have brick and mortar of Mama Beans On Holy Grounds.  I will keep you posted as we move forward on this new venture, please keep us in your prayers.

New Product Coming!

Well we have coffee mugs, so get ready for our t-shirts!  We are excited to have our new product line of t-shirts, and we hope that you will be excited as well.  I love the fact that Mama Beans logo is unique, and that we'll have fun with the designs.  So, stay tuned.


In September we will feature one of our subscribers of Mama Beans On Holy Grounds Coffee!  They will receive either a coffee mug or a t-shirt for being a subscriber.  Again, I want them to know how much we appreciate their love, prayers and support.  So, hey if you're a subscriber, you might just be the one featured in our September blog.  Take care!

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