Why did I start Mama Beans On Holy Grounds?


As we enter into our 6 months of Mama Beans On Holy Grounds, someone asked me the questions why did you start this online coffee business?  First of all I love coffee, secondly I love having conversations while having a good cup of coffee!  The why did I start Mama Beans on Holy Grounds is because it is "coffee" with a purpose.  That purpose is to mentor young women of color regarding leadership.  Leadership is my passion!  It is something that I love to do and I teach leadership as well.  I want young women of color to know that they are "Born to Lead!"  That there is room at the table for their leadership and expertise as women of color.

I also want to teach them about business as leaders, that not only can they be leaders but run a business as well.  As a Woman of Color, I've had the opportunity to run several business and this is my third business, and for me it is truly a business with purpose and a destiny for young women of color.

Shipping & Handling...

Some of you are asking about the shipping and handling cost.  I want to share with you several points to the coffee sales. Three things: Our coffee is roasted locally which is simply amazing! Secondly, our coffee is global, our beans come from Latin America, Egypt, Burundi and we are preparing to receive coffee from Rwanda! Thirdly, our farmers who pick these beans make around $7.00 a day, and we want to help them in their livelihood and taking care of their families. In doing some research, some online businesses shipping and handling is twice our shipping and handling because they do specialty coffee. 

As mentioned before, the proceeds from the coffee, it’s “Coffee with a purpose!” Proceeds  go to the program of Brown Girls Magic  mentoring and leadership. I want to thank you for your love, prayers and support. Our women of color truly thank you for your support as well. I still believe in the dream, and I'm still moving forward.  

In closing, 

"Let's Have Coffee!" I'd love to get together and have coffee and conversation with you regarding Mama Beans On Holy Grounds.  Drop me a line: holygrounds844@gmail.com and we'll make it happen.  Thank you once again, I look forward to hearing from you.

Mama Beans


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