December Newsletter


This is our last newsletter for 2023...

This is truly the season to be grateful and thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One...Immanuel 'God With Us." He has truly been with Mama Beans On Holy Grounds this year.  We are still in the beginning stages of our online coffee business, and let me tell you it's been up and it's been down, but we are so glad that we are still here.  I pray that you have an amazing Christmas, I pray that you will spend time with loved ones. 

As I look at the beautiful Christmas Tree, I am reminded that it's more than just Christmas. It's all about "Christ!"  The coming of our great Messiah.  I am so humbled and thankful that during this season. May your Christmas be filled with love, joy, and peace.  May your Christmas be filled with family and friends.  And may your Christmas be filled to the brim, with the love of our Savior, our soon Coming King!  Have a very Merry Christ-mas!  Love, Mama Beans

A bit of sad news...

Our coffee Kalico Mama from Burundi is slowly coming to a close, but the exciting news is that we will be featuring some new coffees for 2024, so stay tuned.

 A Great Big Thank You!

I want to thank some of the supporters of Mama Beans On Holy Grounds: Alan Jacobs, Elisabeth Hoxie, Lauren Taylor, Rhonda Bowens, Jennette Perkins, Thomas Wilkins-Luton, Patrick Lordan, Luch Rod, Bernadette McClinon, Olynda Stone, Carol Lunda-McVicker, Karen Giddings, Priscilla Dermeritt, and there or many others.  Without your support, we would not be here.  I thank you for all your orders, and ordering coffee for others as well.  It began with a dream, and I know that this dream will continue to grow because it is of God. I could not have done it without Him, and without your financial support.  Thank you again.

Update from 2023

It’s been a minute since I sent out a blog message to my coffee subscribers, family and friends.  Here we are almost at the end of 2023. Wow, as I look over this past year, I can truly say that it’s been a long year.  Mama Beans On Holy Grounds turned a year old in March of this year, and I am blessed to still have support and subscribers, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As many of you know that I started Mama Beans On Holy Grounds with a purpose.  Here is that reminder:

 Brown Girls Magic Mentoring & Leadership carries out its mission with 3L's that are integral components to our mentoring program: Leading, Learning, and Loving Leadership! The mentoring program strives to help not only the women of color at Whitworth University, but also the underrepresented women of color in Spokane community. In this mentoring leadership program, we will aid women in developing leadership skills through our various workshops, webinars, leadership retreats, meeting together monthly to talk about leadership, and meeting other women of color from the community who are leaders.



Through self-esteem development, young women build a foundational factor that influences and impacts their drive and persistence of behavior in pursuing education. In growing to love and believe in themselves, they are more inclined to be confident and receptive to leadership opportunities.


In the development of leadership skills and mentorship, young women gain the ability and conviction to become a principled leader through, learning, training and mentorship. Developing this skill set and providing opportunities to practice leading, young women grow to become women who lead in school, work, and their community.


To equip and expand girls' expectations, horizons, self-efficacy, not only community views but also a global worldview that will help them follow a new direction of potential outcomes for their life. Young women also develop as citizens who value diversity, equity and inclusion, challenge bias, and have a passion for continual learning through experience.


Why? BGM Mentoring & Leadership

 So, they will know and understand their authentic selves, beautiful, educated, intelligent, women of color, sprinkling their leadership to make a better world. Knowing who they are as they step into the leadership arena with boldness and confidence equipped for leadership. Letting them know that they can lead well with creativity, ideas, passion and vision, their vision to “Lead.”

Women of color lead differently, and that being different isn’t bad, “we are an asset, not a threat” when it comes to leadership. To be continually “learning” discovering that leadership is a process. To become skilled, gaining knowledge, through leadership training. And that learning about leadership they can show up as their fullest selves, and their authenticity of leadership will be irresistible!

Women of color’s uniqueness should be celebrated in their fullest version, in all spaces. Far too many times we’ve had to be smaller versions of ourselves in spaces that were not designed for us. “Learning,” that we deserve a place at the table, even the head table, because we have come equipped to lead.

Why? Because BGM’s women “Love” leadership too! Our mentoring leadership programs goal is to teach Women of Color to give back to community through connections, conversations and networking with other amazing women of color in community knowing that they can come equipped, prepared, having all the potential to lead, not only community views but also having a global worldview to lead.  Thank you for your support in helping women of color be the best that they can be in stepping into leadership, because “Brown Skin Girls Lead Too!”

What’s on the horizon for 2024!

As we move forward into 2024, I had shared with you that I wanted to open up a coffee shop. As I prayed about it, the Lord is taking me in a different direction.  I will continue to build up my online coffee business and have been blessed to hire a wonderful marketing person to our team!  I am working on several grants for the coffee business, because it all about being a blessing to my community and being a blessing to Brown Girls Magic Mentoring and Leadership.  I am excited for the vision that the Lord has shown me.  You know the word of God says ‘Write the Vision and Make it Plain.” Well I’ve written the vision down and I’ve made it plain.  It’s exciting, and it’s scary at the same time.  There is a quote that simply say’s if your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough 😊 Well what the Lord showed me scared me a little bit, and I know what He showed me is from Him.  I’ll keep you posted as I navigate through the waters of this dream.

New Products Coming Soon 2024

Look for new products coming out in the Spring of 2024!  Caps, mugs, T-shirts, and some other amazing products from Mama Beans. I love the four seasons, and spring is my second favorite, because that’s when everything is blooming and blossoming! 

What I've Learned...

I've learned that Rome was not built in a day (lol), that it takes hard work, some sweat and some tears.  It take commitment and consistency to building any kind of business.  It takes the power of resilience when you want to quick, when you feel like you've failed, when you fell like you have no strength to go on.  But I am thankful that I am learning patience and endurance in the coffee business. I've learned to be grateful for what I have and the vision that God has given me to help in community, and that the picture is far bigger than me.  Finally, I've learned that you are never to old to start over, to start again, to start from scratch.  It's okay to go back the the drawing board again and again, until you feel that you've got it right. And I've learned to have a spirit of discernment, listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction.  I'm excited at the strategic plans that the Holy Spirit has given me, and I know that for sure.

 Finally, once again a great big THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU AGAIN!  It has been an amazing year for sure, but I'm in great expectations at what God is going to do as we move forward to the next phase of Mama Beans On Holy Grounds...God Bless!





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